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Westchester PC Users Group
We are a nonprofit computer club located in Westchester County, New York.
Our goal is to increase the computing knowledge of our members and our community.
In case of inclement weather call 914-227-2495 for schedule changes.
We want to make 98 donated laptops work for needy kids.
help us to help them using GoFundMe.

General Meetings


December 5, 2019 @ 7 pm

Keller Williams NY Realty
120 Bloomingdale Rd. ****location map***
White Plains, NY 10605

Plan now to attend!

John Dobbs discusses what the Constitution says and what the precedents are about impeachment. He will not take sides on the current state of affairs.

John is a lawyer, educator, and WPCUG member who entertained us this past summer when he recounted his adventurous cross-country bike trip.

Oh, and one more thing...................

At every General Meeting we have door prize drawings. This month's door prize:


Custom tower PC
  • Intel Q6600, 2.4GHz Quad Core
  • Windows 10 Pro, Libre Office 6.3
  • 120GB SSD
  • 1.0TB SATA hard drive
  • 8.0GB DDR2 RAM
  • ATI Radeon HD 4650 video
  • DVD-RW & DVD drive
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • 20" HP LCD monitor

The door prize is open to members only but non-members can easily join at the front desk to be eligible for the drawing. Only $50 per year per household.

For further information, email our program chair, at

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The Codebreakers

January 2, 2020 @ 7 pm

Keller Williams NY Realty
120 Bloomingdale Rd. ****location map***
White Plains, NY 10605

Plan now to attend!

Our David Lerner will present the Codebreakers.
His talk will feature the mathematical geniuses
who worked at Bletchley Park in England and at
the U.S Navy codebreaking unit that shortened
World War II by as much as two years.

From Wikipedia: “During World War II, the estate
housed the British Government Code and Cypher
(GC&CS), which regularly penetrated the
secret communications of the Axis Powers – most
important were the German Enigma and Lorenz
ciphers; among its most notable early personnel the GC&CS team of codebreakers included Alan
Turing.... During the war and for many years thereafter, the nature of the work there was a closely guarded secret.”

For further information, email our program chair at

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If you experience any problems with this website or have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact

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Join our computer club - WPCUG

image of a medal with the words join usNow you can join Westchester PC Users Group or renew your  membership conveniently and safely online via credit card or PayPal. You can also make a tax deductible donation.

Conventional mail / check payments are still available too. Click here to join, renew, or donate.

For questions, email our membership chair at

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WPCUG Tech Support Consultants

You can download a list of WPCUG members who are offering their services to members and non-members alike. Members get a discount.

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Join our Meetup group

image of meetup logoPlease join our Meetup group so you can enjoy its many benfits and look for other interests as well. Click the Meetup image on the left to go to our Meetup page, then look for the red Join Us button to get started.

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Westchester PC-Renew
A project of WPCUG


Westchester PC-Renew - We refurbish donated computers and provide them free to nonprofit groups in the community who can't afford to purchase new computers.

cartoon image of a desktop PCClick the above link to learn more about our activities and how to get a refurbished computer.

Applyhere for a computer

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WPCUG - Newsletter

The December 2019 Westchester PC Users PDF logoGroup Newsletter is now online. You can view it here or preview the table of contents. For past newsletters view here.  Please note that while the preview is available to everybody, the complete newsletter is for club members only.

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cartoon image of man doing presentationA selection of  workshop & general meeting presentation documents are now online. Click here to view.

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Operation Clean Slate

In the last several years, the use of malicious software (malware) by online criminals has emerged as a global cybersecurity threat. Of the available intrusion devices, the “bot,” or Web robot, is particularly pervasive, allowing an attacker to take control remotely of a compromised computer or computers. Invisible to victims, these networks, called “botnets,” can include hundreds of thousands of machines around the world, controlled by a cyber criminal, or “bot herder.” . Read more.....

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Weekly Update Email

You can now sign up online for the WPCUG Weekly Update email.

View the archives of the Weekly Update.

Receive the latest information on our meeting schedule and events as well as timely and important links to computer related tips and news.

WPCUG wishes to acknowledge the great support we receive from LANline for our website.You'll find the Weekly Email Update link on the on the Members Services page on the left side navigation after signing in - Members.

* If you are not receiving this weekly email, check your spam folder, and if it's not there contact David Shulman, Weekly Update Editor, who will resolve this issue.

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Website Change Notification

Signing up for the website change notification feature will no longer be available for new subscription although existing subscribers will contine to receive notofications for the forseeable future. Questions should be directed to



WPCUG wishes to acknowledge the great support we receive
from LANline for our website.


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