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Announcing the new WPCUG message board.  Not a chat area but a place to post and view messages.  Hardware problems ? Workshop questions ?   Now you have a place to go.  Available on the member services area.    

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The best just got better WPCUG now offers members an opportunity to download the monthly newletter in Adobe Acrobat® format.  Why wait for snail mail when you can get you copy early.  Just vist the Member services area and click away.  


Change in Discount Announced for WPCUG members

White Plains Borders.  Border's Books has downgraded our discount privilages to only Computer Books and Computer Related Books.   Not included in the Discount are books marked "NET" on the price label, special orders, sale items, magazines and periodicals. The Discount however, will remain at 20% on the items mentioned.

CompUSA cancels discount program.  CompUSA has cancelled the discount program for WPCUG members. 

Check out our general public discount page.

Member Services

Member Services is now available.  If you are a current member of  WPCUG you have access to a "member only" area of the WPCUG website. 

1. Click on Member services

2. You will be prompted for Username and Password. 

  • Username is member id number (four digits) from your ID  card or mailing label.,
  • Password of the first four (all if less than 4) letters of last name (first character CAP) example Smith is Smit

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3. From here you will enter the WPCUG member area.

Some of the special services planned are;

  • Job Posting
  • Help areas
  • Classified listings to buy and sell used equipment
  • Member Links
  • And many more services all designed to make your membership in WPCUG a greater value.

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For General information on WPCUG Workshops contact Richard Nayman